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The growth of Smartphones and the successful introduction of Tablets for business is continuing, because the organizational benefits of mobile access to company information is understood without question. Businesses are experiencing increased productivity and effectiveness of employees as enhanced mobile technologies are implemented.

However at What Cost?

Wireless mobility is a spiraling expense for businesses; fast-becoming the leading category of telecom cost increases. Cost management is only part of the corporate challenge. IT staffs are challenged to meet the growing demands of managing the many mobile platform applications. The challenge is to keep wireless costs down while increasing IT mobile management capabilities.

Managed Mobile Solutions can help

Whether a business has 25 wireless users or 25,000, Managed Mobile provides the best-available services to help companies and agencies to immediately reduce the cost of their wireless spending. Managed Mobile designs a custom tailored wireless savings project that brings you control and maximum efficiency of your corporate mobile program. We bring the wireless industry's most experienced team, offering valuable solutions to meet every mobile business need.

By delivering up-front savings on your existing wireless program, you can quickly invest in the latest mobile solutions at the lowest cost and within budget. Manage Mobile also assists companies in selecting, deploying, and operating the best available mobile management solutions, with focus on enhancing the ROI for your operation.
Providing comprehensive solutions in the cost reduction, management and deployment of enterprise mobility, our services include:

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