Wireless Forensic Audit & Optimization

Our Wireless Forensic Audit program is a highly successful cost reduction process developed from over 30 years of managing telecommunications & wireless expenses for hundreds of clients. The Wireless Audit process includes vendor dispute management and historic funds recovery of contract and billing errors and offers an ongoing process for continuous profit improvement.

Contract Assessment & Invoice Validation is a part of the Forensic Audit, including the audit of contract terms, conditions and pricing against results on each user's invoice. Invoices are analyzed at the detail level to compare all charge elements against the contract and corporate policies.

Wireless Inventories are compared to the company’s records; unneeded and unused services are identified. 

 Wireless Rate Plan Optimization

Wireless Rate Plan Optimization analyzes usage at the individual device level and can aggregate it at the organizational level. The Wireless Optimization program utilizes a database of the carrier's published and unpublished offers to custom fit each user with the Carrier's best available rate plans & features.

Wireless Forensic Audit & Rate Plan Optimization savings range from 15% to 45%.

Our optimization includes:
  • Rate Plan Optimization
    • Complete review of your usage patterns
    • Identify optimum vendor rate plans
    • Model optimum rates to your usage
    • Identification of unused lines
  • Feature Audit
    • Audit billed Features
    • Optimize Features to your business policy and usage
    • Recommend optimal Feature for each user
Immediate cost reduction will be accomplished with your existing carriers.
The optimization is reviewed on your bill after implementation with the carriers to validate and report your actual realized savings. Then for up to eighteen months, our experts will review your usage for further savings recommendations & improvements. Fine tuning frequently improves savings by up to an additional 10% in excess of the initial recommendation.

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