Value Sourcing Telecommunications Contract Negotiations

Telecommunications Contract Negotiations continues to be a leading source for IT cost savings without necessarily changing suppliers or services.
  • Our Value Sourcing Group is led by Senior Negotiators, each with over 15 years of contract negotiations experience
  • Our results are unrivaled in achieving the greatest contract savings at the lowest cost.
  • Knowledge of carrier strategy and tactics, a tried and proven negotiations process/methodology, and our unwavering determination to obtain the best possible overall outcome for our clients, provides a winning combination for you and your company
  • Analysis resources, benchmark data and proprietary analytical tools allow us to drive pricing discussions to the line level of detail
  • We create leverage and can negotiate significant results at any point during the life of your contracts
  • Best practice contractual terms and conditions are included to achieve Best in Class final deals
  • Our flexibility in pricing our services is demonstrated in our desire to tailor a fee structure specific to your needs and time line
  • We guarantee an agreed upon level of savings or reduce our fees accordingly
  • Our Fortune 1000 client list is extensive, impressive and 100% satisfied with our past performances
  • Wireless and/or Landline network services

Our telecommunications consulting group has the experienced world class professional resources to support the following activities:

Wireless and Landline Telecommunications Contract Negotiations
  • Senior negotiators with over 30 years telecommunications experience
  • Client references from Global 1000 enterprise organizations
  • Total negotiated cost savings exceeds our competitors - while our professional fees do not
Wireless and Landline Telecommunications Price Benchmarking and Sourcing Strategy Development
  • Assist those large enterprise organizations who have in-house contract negotiations resources
  • Provides valuable pricing comparisons from similar sized companies recently negotiated deals
  • Allows internal resources to know what price points and contracts terms are competitive and which are not
  • Increases the total cost savings your negotiations team will be able to extract from the providers

Contact us for more information or to request the no obligation Telecommunications Contract Assessment.  Our Senior Consultant will review your current contract pricing and terms relative to today’s market place deals.  Our analysis and feedback will include the level of savings which should be gained by re-negotiation. 

We know our services will help you reduce costs – it has been proven so over and over and in every project we have conducted.
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