Mobile Expense & Lifecycle Management

Mobile Expense Management & Lifecycle Management Program

Mobile Expense Management services includes management of wireless contracts, invoices, expenses in an integrated best-available platform creating full management visibility of the enterprise mobile program. Management reporting is clear, understandable and comprehensive. Quantitative, graphical and trending information about expenses and consumption behaviors is presented in textual and graphical formats, from the highest level of the enterprise to the most granular reporting level available. Total Invoice Management provides outsourced processing of wireless invoices. The state-of-the-art Invoice processing center assures that invoices will be received, validated, and processed in a timely manner. Disputed amounts are identified quickly and resolved with vendors, often prior to the invoice payment. Expenses are allocated to your GL codes and electronic payment information is prepared for your AP system.

Additionally, we offer a complete Mobile Lifecycle Management solution providing a best-available Total Business Process Outsourcing of the Mobile program. All services are a la carte so that we can custom tailor our solution to match your needs.

The Managed Mobile Solutions Program Benefits

  • Up-to-date inventory of wireless assets
  • Audit & Recovery- Uncovering billing discrepancies in complex telecom invoices, recovering the overcharges
  • Consolidation- Economies of scale leading to higher optimization and transparency. Provide billing and network consolidation services
  • Wireless Rate Plan Optimization- Review current calling plans for cost savings
  • Optimization of all data usage-tracking optimal contract rates for every data user application
  • Wireless Infrastructure Analysis-perform comprehensive analysis for mobile services. We uncover non-essential lines, features, services, wastage, overcapacity and redundant charges leading to cost savings
  • Contract Negotiations- negotiate contracts with service providers
  • Technology assessment & RFP Process Management
  • Cost Allocation Reporting
  • Total Wireless Outsourcing program option
  • Wireless Expense Management- the best-available mobile solution also incorporates all telecom services, such as landline, under one life-cycle program
  • Custom corporate wireless web portal offers total provisioning of carrier services, as well as custom device deployment programs
  • Wireless Lifecycle Help Desk Services provides first class end user treatment for complex application requirements
  • Wireless Reporting- automated for business unit self-service, including managing compliance of personal usage with IRS and corporate policy
  • Develop Wireless Policies and governance, a proven method of gaining control. System-wide policy enforcement and user management ensures successful program governance and fiscal responsibility from all users

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